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For years we are specialized in engines and spare parts by FPT IVECO MOTORS.
This progressive Motors manufacturer with a wide program for automotive, industrial, marine, agri and construction application, is part of the CNH-i, Fiat Industrial Group. (including Fiat, Iveco, CNH, CASE, New Holland, Kobelco, Komatsu, Landini, Merlo, HITACHI etc.)

Thanks to a huge stock of new, reconditioned (exchange) engines and spare parts, we guarantee a fast delivery worldwide.

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Drawings of a single engine

Family   NEF 4 electron. - TIER 3  
Item NR   N45ENTX20.00A003  

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Assembly IDDescriptionFrom serialUntil serialLink
1405.021    HYDRAUL. ACCUMULATOR            View   
8600.159/01    ACCESSORIES        UP TO 09-09-07    View   
8600.159/02    ACCESSORIES        UP TO 09-09-07    View   
8600.288    ACCESSORIES    FROM 10-09-07        View   
8600.023/01    ACCESSORIES            View   
8600.023/02    ACCESSORIES            View   
2423.016    AIR LINES            View   
A09080501    ARRANGED FOR HYDRAULIC PUMP            View   
0409.002    BEDPLATE            View   
3252.018    BLEEDER TUBING            View   
0002.063    COMPLETE ENGINE            View   
0810.152    CONNECTING ROD            View   
0801.026    CRANK SHAFT            View   
0401.029    CRANKCASE            View   
0630.025    CYL. HEAD COVERS            View   
0610.019    CYLINDER HEAD            View   
0610.047    CYLINDER HEAD            View   
3240.200    DELIV. HEATING PIPE            View   
1700.063    ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT            View   
0450.178    ENGINE BREATHERS            View   
1730.038    ENGINE CABLE            View   
0780.016    EXHAUST MANIFOLD            View   
2430.038    EXIT AIR PIPE            View   
3490.001    FAN SUPPORT            View   
0870.004    FLYWHEEL ARRANGED FOR TRANSMISSION    FROM 11/03/08        View   
0830.288    FLYWHEEL ARRANGED FOR TRANSMISSION        UP TO 10/03/08    View   
A13260501    FLYWHEEL ARRANGED FOR TRANSMISSION            View   
0435.002    FLYWHEEL HOUSING            View   
0431.015    FRONT C.CASE COVER            View   
2000.146    FUEL FILTER            View   
2030.240    FUEL LINES            View   
2030.291    FUEL LINES            View   
2036.004    FUEL LINES - RETURN TO FUEL PUMP            View   
4000.133    GENERATOR            View   
4030.053    GENERATOR (COMPONENTS)            View   
1450.003    HIGH PRESSURE PUMP            View   
4500.205    HOOK            View   
1400.309    INJECTION            View   
1480.029    INJECTORS            View   
0710.242    INTAKE MANIFOLD            View   
A41020503    LONG OIL DIPSTICK RIGHT SIDE            View   
4010.121    MOUNT        UP TO # 573134    View   
4010.129    MOUNT    FROM # 573135        View   
3150.008    OIL - WATER HEAT EXCHANGER            View   
2700.052    OIL DIPSTICK & FILLER PIPE            View   
2712.006    OIL DIPSTICK PIPE            View   
3020.080    OIL FILTERS            View   
3001.002    OIL PUMP            View   
A01050501    OIL SUMP        UP TO 04-10-07    View   
0420.251    OIL SUMP            View   
A01050503    OIL SUMP    FROM 05-10-07        View   
0820.002    PISTON ASSY - PISTON RINGS - PISTON PIN            View   
3500.042    POWER TAKE OFF            View   
0432.001    REAR C.CASE COVER            View   
0668.017    ROCKER SHAFT            View   
1710.004    SENSORS            View   
3620.001    STARTER INSTALLATION            View   
3600.141    STARTER MOTOR            View   
3630.045    STARTER MOTOR (COMPONENTS)            View   
0200.062    STRIPPED ENGINE            View   
3260.028    TEMPERATURE REGULATOR            View   
3650.001    THERMO-STARTER            View   
3263.004    THERMOSTAT            View   
1250.023    TIMING PARTS            View   
2400.296    TURBOCHARGER            View   
3063.007    TURBOCHARGER OIL LINES            View   
3450.009    VENTILATOR CONTROL            View   
0840.066    VIBRATION DAMPER            View   
3253.006    WATER LINES            View   
3230.030    WATER PIPE            View   
3201.006    WATER PUMP            View   
3400.018    WATER PUMP DRIVE            View